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Breakpoint Internship Program

The Breakpoint Internship Program is designed to allow you to experience life as a specialist dispute resolution lawyer, and to gain insight into our firm's unique culture.

You will have the opportunity to attend hearings and meetings, and to undertake tasks such as preparing legal opinions and submissions. You will be regarded, and indeed expected to function, as a member of the legal team for each matter that you are assigned. Each internship is for a period of one month. The duration of the Program is intended precisely to allow deep immersion and to build everlasting bonds.

A distinguishing feature of this Program is that we strive to have only two to three interns at any one time. The intention is to provide each intern with as much personalised mentorship and dedicated training as we are able to, just as we once benefited from the same.


We accept interns preferably in Year 2 (or Year 1) of law school who are interested in dispute resolution. You must be eligible to and are interested in applying for a practice contract with our firm for the purposes of admission to the Singapore Bar. You can apply to join us for the months of May, June, July, August or September every year (unless otherwise advised). Accepted interns to the Program can expect to receive an honorarium.

Whilst we may accept applicants who may not fit these requirements on a highly exceptional basis, we prioritise applicants who fit the requirements above. Our interns also receive priority when applying for a practice contract with our firm.


Interested applicants should provide:

  • a cover letter,

  • a transcript showing choice of electives,

  • a CV indicating your activities and interests outside of law school, and

  • the available months(s) for the internship,

to Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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