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​王秋芳 Wendy Wang


Resident in China, Wendy Wang is the firm's China Representative responsible for managing the firm's affairs involving the Greater China Region.

A qualified Chinese lawyer, Wendy Wang was previously engaged by the Xiamen Free Trade Zone as an International Legal Expert. In that role, she created the Maritime Silk Road International Legal Business Integration Service Base that is now the crown jewel of the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District in Xiamen FTZ.  


A prolific mooter and graduate of the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL) where she was among the pioneer batch of the International Dispute Resolution speciality, she is presently an adjunct instructor at SHUPL, and a Visiting Professor at the School of Political Science and Law at Shangrao Normal University.  After graduation, Wendy was awarded a scholarship to study international law at the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law and volunteered as a teacher in Morocco.


Wendy has a deep passion for One Belt One Road (BRI) cross-border investments, with a keen focus on corporate deals, mergers and acquisitions involving China and South-East Asia enterprises. She is Deputy Director of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Shangrao Overseas Chinese Federation in Jiangxi province.


王秋芳是一名合格的中国律师,曾受聘于厦门自贸区担任国际法专才。 在此期间,她创建了海上丝绸之路国际法商融合服务基地,该基地现已成为厦门海上丝绸之路法律中心区皇冠上的明珠。


她大学时代是一位辩论家,毕业于上海政法大学国际争议解决专业的首批毕业生,目前是上海政法大学兼职导师和上饶师范大学政法学院客座教授。 毕业后,王秋芳获得了奖学金,前往著名的海牙国际法学院学习国际法,并自愿前往摩洛哥担任教师。


王秋芳对一带一路跨境投资充满热情,特别关注涉及中国和东南亚企业的交易和并购, 现任江西省上饶市侨联法制委员会副主任。

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